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May 25, 2020
Glass blunt white version

How to Load Your Girly Glass Blunt

Using your girly glass blunt is fairly simple, but you still need to load it. Even though it’s relatively easy, you could find it useful to […]
May 25, 2020
Glass blunt filled up with weed

How to Fill a Glass Blunt — 7 Easy Steps

If you’ve just decided to get a glass blunt or you already got one — good for you! Glass blunts are much better and easier to […]
May 6, 2020
Man smoking glass blunt

Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe — Tips for Smoking Like a Pro

Most people who genuinely love smoking weed know that there are always ways to get a better high, to get a lot more from an average […]
May 5, 2020
Last cleaning step

How to Clean the Glass Blunt?

If you already got your own spiral glass blunt and you’ve used it for a couple of times, you’re probably thinking about cleaning it. Even if you’re […]
May 5, 2020
Glass blunt between herb plants

How to Use a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are conquering the market, as plenty of smokers have started to embrace this relatively new way of enjoying their favorite herbs. Glass blunts are […]
April 30, 2020
try glass blunt

Why You Should Try Smoking a Glunt Glass Blunt

If you smoke weed frequently, you are probably interested in trying alternative methods of smoking. Most people roll joints, but that’s not always easy, let alone […]
June 15, 2019
How to roll a joint

The Guide to Rolling the Perfect Joint

If we think about the stoner stereotype, it is almost certain that one of the first things that will come to mind is the marijuana joint. […]
June 13, 2019
Girl smoking weed glass blunt

The Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

The power of marijuana is increasingly being unlocked with the liberalization of the herb across the world. Research has proven the positive influence of cannabis on […]
June 8, 2019
Sativa Indica comparison

 Indica vs Sativa: What Are They?

The world of marijuana is extremely rich, powerful, and to the beginners out there may seem a bit complicated and confusing. It can be perceived as […]

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