About us

Welcome to our site! We are a group of friends who all have one thing in common — we enjoy hitting blunts in our free time. However, we eventually fell in love with our hobby and started developing it into a full-scale business. 

We are of the opinion that we have enough experience, knowledge, and skill to improve the way people smoke blunts around the world. Therefore, we’ve started doing research to find out how we can make blunts better.

After working hard on improving the blunt-hitting experience, we wanted to share our discoveries with the world by offering our favourite product — the Glass Blunt.

We are working on further improving our product and are already achieved significant progress in our journey, having introduced various improvements such as ceramic spirals.

Apart from being occupied with our business, we’re very friendly people in general, always open to discuss new ideas while passing the blunt around.

If you’re interested in talking to us, feel free to contact us via our site and share some of your best blunt experiences with us! We’re always eager to hear stories and suggestions from our customers!