Behind the Glass Blunt Blog

Hi there, I’m the blogger at and a huge weed enthusiast — which is probably something you might have already guessed about me if you’ve read some of my articles! My passion comes from the long years of cannabis use and research. 

From the moment I started smoking marijuana, I became fascinated with how beneficial this plant is and horrified by how stringent the laws about it were and still are in some places. Naturally, the way it gets you high is amazing, too! I’m still a young guy, but after many years of research and discussions with other weed lovers and researchers, I know that the plant will one day be available to all, especially those looking to use it for medical purposes. 

Whatever the case may be, I’m grateful that I am able to be a ganja businessman today, which is not something people like me were able to be only a decade or so ago. 

I love music and I love creating music, especially when I’m high, as that’s when inspiration truly strikes. I’m a creative person overall, and I also love to write, especially about ganja, so it makes sense for me to be a blogger as well. Even though it’s a job of convenience, it’s still something I love doing, as it lets me express my creativity in a way that other like-minded people can appreciate. 

In the end, I also love cooking, which is a hobby that came to be after so many munchies moments! At one point I realized that cooking can be another way to express my creativity, and it’s something that really pays off after you try many recipes. Now, whenever I’m high and hungry, I can fashion something delicious in no time!

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